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Do you want to relax and enjoy! Our body massage parlour including aroma massage therapy, body spa, thai massage, female to male spa and more services will give you to free stress life and tension. In today’s busy world, our life is full of responsibility and duties which causes us to feel stress and panic in our day-to-day life. If you are continuously and constantly under stressed then you may start experiencing headache, high blood pressure. It can cause emotional problem and even depression.

luxury spaSo what do you do to get relieved from this unwanted stress? This is where luxury spa come into picture. It is the perfect place which helps you to live in much needed me time where you will be cut off from all sort of distraction and negative vibes.

We help you to feeled relax, recharged and energetic. You will be detox from the negative vibes which will make you feel more confident and beautiful. We have one of the best and well equipped Spa which promote better health experience.

A full body massage scrub can remove flaky, dry, or dead skin cells from the entire body. It also helps unclog pores, leaving the skin clean and fresh. Most full body scrub products contain a base of oil to help soothe the skin and increase blood circulation. A good scrub will remove toxins and leave the person feeling refreshed and relaxed. It is an effective way to detoxify the whole system and get rid of a lot of tension.

The touch of our educated and well-trained staff will make you feel you nuture and provide you the needed break from your regular job.

Devine spa is the best spa in sector 17 chd. We have some of the best amenities to offer to our customers. Our wide range of services includes:

  • Body massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Full body massage
  • Body to body spa
  • Massage parlour
  • Massage parlor
  • Female to male massage
  • Thai spa
  • Full body massage
  • Ayurvedic massage

Our ambience is designed to offer a soothing environment where you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. We at Devine body spa in tricity take customer safety is on our top priority. We guarantee that when you will visit our spa in chd and mathura massage and chandigarh massage then you will not only escape the daily stress but you will also have a true experience of your senses. Our world class service will emerge you in a peaceful and luxurious universe.

It’s time for you to treat yourself special by making your mind feel relaxed, energetic and reborn. Get ready for a luxurious treatment from our sophisticated and highly-qualified staff.

Our Services

Our Specialty

Our Specialty

  • Steam bath
  • Herbal and natural Treatment
  • Natural spa
  • Well educated, Highly- educated, Experienced and trained staff
  • Budget friendly prices
  • World class services

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Luxury Spa by Female to Male

We use high quality, pure and natural products for treatment. Devine Body spa, is the most result oriented, integrated wellness centre. We help you to understand yourself in a better way which will boost more confidence in you.

Our customized services are specially designed for individual which is based on their preferences and requirements. Our team will be worked delicately. So that you attain a perfect wellness and relaxation as per the requirement of your mind. They will provide best services out of various services to provide you with the utmost comfort. We at Devine body spa help you in transforming your life in the optimal way.

We guarantee that Devine body spa is a one stop solutions for all your relaxation need. We help you to reconnect to yourself in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Devine Body Spa is a space which will make you fall in love with you while eliminating all negativity from your brain. And boosting your mental stability.

Enjoy body message in a calm atmosphere which will re-open all pours of your body and make your skin glow again.

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